Proudly Serving Monmouth County NJ and Ocean County NJ

Monmouth organic Cleaning

On behalf of the Monmouth Organic Cleaning family, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and providing us with an opportunity to serve you. We are very delighted and honored to provide you with an eco-friendly cleaning alternative.

Our primary mission is to provide you with superior cleaning services that support your efforts to continue offering a clean and healthy environment for your family and/or employees.

We use cleaning products made from 100% renewable resources to provide services that are suitable and of significant value to you. Our principle assets include the members of the community that we serve; our experienced cleaning staff; and our exceptional reputation. We are fully committed to ensuring that you receive a professional and comprehensive cleaning service every time.


Overview of Our Cleaning Staff

Our team is composed of professional and dedicated staff members that enjoy being part of the Monmouth Organic Cleaning family.


Our personnel are knowledgeable about conservation, team-cleaning, hazardous chemicals, safety, customer service, and effective techniques utilized in daily cleaning processes.

Monmouth Organic Cleaning is fully insured and trusted. 

Cleaning Products that We Use

Monmouth Organic Cleaning has chosen to use the safest and most beneficial products for you and the environment.


All of the products including disinfectants, restroom cleaners, heavy duty cleaners, glass cleaners, and carpet cleaning solutions are all products that safeguard the environment.

Additionally, as a key part of the home cleaning we provide, we are proud to use our certified Rainbow™ Water-Based Cleaning System. The Rainbow™ cleaning system provides certified air cleaning to your home environment. The Rainbow™ cleaning system is also certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.